Seeking Inspiration from Random Learning

I didn’t want to read the textbook in sequence. Hence, I figured that if I read a paragraph a day in a random chapter, I might be able to benefit from random learning!

Math Puzzle #1

How to solve this… 2 ? 1 ? 6 ? 6 ? 200 ? 50 = 416.56

The 100 Prisoners Problem

Brief Introduction: The 100 prisoners problem is a probability theory and combinatorics problem. In this challenge, 100 numbered prisoners must find their own numbers in one of 100 drawers in order to survive. Rules: We have 100 prisoners labeled: 1, 2 … 100 on their clothes we have a room filled with 100 boxes labeled 1, 2, … 100 on the outside of the boxes inside each box, there is a number from 1, 2 … 100 only 1 prisoner may enter the room each time Each prisoner may open only up to 50 attempts/boxes and cannot communicate with other prisoners if the prisoner found his/her/their number, he/she/they will exit the room and no be able to talk to other prisoners.