My Coaching Notes: The Map - Navigating the Coaching Path

This year, I’m dedicated to improving my coaching skills by carefully selecting a few recommended books to guide my development. I plan to thoroughly read, re-read, and take detailed notes to distill their concepts and techniques into an easily accessible format. My goal is to use these insights on a daily basis to refine my coaching abilities iteratively.

Exploring Non-linear Effects: Visual CATE Analysis of Continuous Confounders, Binary Exposures, and Continuous Outcomes

It was enjoyable to visualize the non-linear relationship with interaction and observe the corresponding changes in CATE. If one understands the underlying equation, it’s possible to easily obtain the ATE using calculus. Lastly, adopting Richard McElreath’s Owl framework as a documented procedure ensures quality assurance! 🙌

Clearer Understanding of 95% Confidence Interval Through The Lens of Simulation

I’m now more confident in my understanding of the 95% confidence interval, but less certain about confidence intervals in general, knowing that we can’t be sure if our current interval includes the true population parameter. On a brighter note, if we have the correct confidence interval, it could still encompass the true parameter even when it’s not statistically significant. I find that quite refreshing

Calculating Number Needed to Treat/Harm (NNT/H) with Odds Ratio

We learned how to convert the pooled odds ratio from a random-effects model and subsequently calculate the number needed to treat (NNT) or harm (NNH). It’s important to understand that without knowing the event proportions in either the treatment or control groups, we cannot accurately estimate the absolute risk reduction for an individual study or for a meta-analysis. Fascinating indeed! Everyday is a school day! 🙌