Happy New Year 2024!

By Ken Koon Wong in new year resolution note to self

December 31, 2023

All the best, Ken! Not too shabby. Hope to see more of these boxes are checked by 12/31/24 🙌

My 2023 New Year Resolutions

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Deep dive into deep learning with PyTorch Used Keras/Tensorflow instead
    • Link R for data wrangling and Python PyTorch for deep learning Thanks for reticulate. Been using python modules when R package not available
    • Establish a deep learning project in ID Still Work in Progress, but excited!
  • Statistics
    • Learn bayesian analysis Learnt some Stan
    • Learn bayesian network
    • Write a blog on clinical application of Bayes’ Theorem link
    • Learn LaTex Math formula
  • Econometrics
    • Establish an Instrumental Variable methodology in ID
  • Technology
    • Learn how to make an iOS application
  • Health & Wellness
    • Lose 15 lbs through more activities & portion control
  • Communication
    • Establish “Coaching” questions
    • Use these words (e.g., “really”) less to enhance neutrality
    • Find out staff’s favorite food, color, activities and write it down
  • Leadership
    • Encourage creativity, team-approachness to solving problems

Devoted a significant amount of effort this year on the data science department’s goals. Not too shabby. Although I tried to learn Swift, my busy schedule and ongoing learning commitments meant I couldn’t delve as deeply as I wanted. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any instrumental variables in ID to start a study or explore the question more thoroughly. Also, I didn’t manage any weight loss, which is disappointing, but I’m determined to do better next year. For the coming year, I aim to set more practical and achievable goals, especially in the area of soft skills, to enhance my overall development.! 加油!

My 2024 New Year Resolutions

  • Data Science/Coding
    • I’m going to devote more time in Python
    • Complete my neural network study
    • Learn more about conformal prediction and apply it
    • Attempt to use tidymodels for all analysis and recipes to explore preprocessing techniques
  • Statistics
    • Continue my journey in Causal Inference
      • Re-read Causal Inference and Discovery in Python
      • Dive into McElReath’s Statistical Rethinking
  • Health/Wellness
    • At least 10 push-ups everyday with +1 every week
    • No 75th1 on 854
  • Soft skills
    • Establish “Coaching” questions
    • Find out staff’s favorite food, color, activities and write it down
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December 31, 2023
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new year resolution note to self
new year resolution note to self
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Happy New Year 2023!