My Coaching Notes: Coaching Process

The coaching process unfolds through seven key domains: identifying the ideal vision, understanding the PEA, cultivating mindfulness, hope, and empathy, invoking PEA, fostering a quality relationship, embracing the coaching culture, and recognizing coachable moments. By focusing on these areas, you can build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial coaching relationship. The book “Helping People Change” offered so many great insights, it’s definitely worth reading! Here is my notes to future myself.

My Coaching Notes: Effective Coaching

Effective coaching is essential for bringing the coachee’s potential to the surface. I found the 1-2-3-4 combination method to be helpful and have created a framework for myself to fall back on should I deviate from coaching questions. I plan to practice this framework iteratively and deliberately, listening for the trigger to ask a coaching question. Additionally, I found both books, ‘The Coaching Habit’ and ‘Developing Coaching Skills’, to be significantly helpful in crafting and adhering to the best practices of coaching questions.

My Coaching Notes: The Map - Navigating the Coaching Path

This year, I’m dedicated to improving my coaching skills by carefully selecting a few recommended books to guide my development. I plan to thoroughly read, re-read, and take detailed notes to distill their concepts and techniques into an easily accessible format. My goal is to use these insights on a daily basis to refine my coaching abilities iteratively.